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Monday, June 13, 2016

Week #79 - 18 month mark!

Wow so a freaking fantastic week!! Things are just rolling so smoothly with a beautiful baptism, like for real I literally teared up it was so good! The spirit was very powerful and a ton of people were there. Not only that we set a couple on date for their tism shortly after their wedding this weekend on the 17th!! Whooooo gettin pumped out here haha they are so dope and i am pumped about the spanish wedding we will be having!! Can we say salsa dancing :) jk i would be dancing with myself  :( but hey it works haha We also had a sweeet pot luck with our zone so that was pretty cool, not gonna like it made me soo happy :)

But really everything is just going great, its getting a little weird looking at schools and thinking about home a little more. I know i got like 5 months left but im supposed to apply and stuff so its trippy, but the U of U is winning me over with their website and all of their stuff its pretty dope so i need to keep looking and praying haha

The zone is doing fantastic, we are having all time highs in every category for the zone in a long time even with losing multiple companionships. Guys i really dont know what to say but that the gospel is THEE GREATEST THING ON THE PLANET, SO IF YOU'RE NOT IN IT.....FIX WHATEVER IS HOLDING YOU BACK AND GET IN IT!!!!

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