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Monday, June 20, 2016

Week 80 - Spanish Wedding & A Transfer

Heyyyyy what's up everybody :)

So this week has just been amazing!! Like seriously just such an awesome week of miracles and blessings. Alexis got confirmed a member of the church today which was pretty dang legit!! We had a water balloon fight this week with the Potente family which was pretty fun, I got hammered haha I'm pretty sure I got hit the most. It was just so great though and Caleb Gantz was able to come with us to that, I'm gonna miss that kid!! I have never seen so many Asians together at one moment til this water fight hahah but this week I would say the crowning moment was when Konny and Sammy got married!!! Oh my gosh I cried it was just the greatest thing ever. Not only did I just get pumped over theirs but it made me think of the day when I'll have mine and it was awesome to say the least. The stake president married them in Spanish and then afterwards we went and ate and had a good old time DANCING! Yep, we just danced like crazy to all the Spanish music and with the ward and it was the best. I got to see some gringos dance all the way up to pure Latins dancing sooooo good. It was probably one of the best nights ever!!

But good news and bad news with that family right now is they are preparing to be baptized which is obviously the best butttttttt I'm getting transferred to a new area and the missionary that is coming in doesn't speak Spanish and my current companion doesn't either sooooo we have to find a way to teach them haha we will figure it out though and they are a super solid family! I'm getting transferred to a place called Windermere, it's right by the temple and every week we get to go do work on the temple grounds and things like that so I'm pretty excited for it, and my new Comps name is Elder Acevedo!! I was his ZL in Orlando and now we are comps so I'm really Pumped for that oh and there are a TON of Polynesians in this ward too so I'm excited for that, just gotta get better at exercising super hard or I'm gonna look like big Buddha. It was weird thinking about this transfer because my mission just keeps getting closer and closer to the end so it's crazy!!!

Well I love you all and if you have any questions I'll ask away :)


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