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Monday, June 27, 2016

Week #81 - Baptizing Tiger Woods?


Well I got transferred and I'm in Orlando south right now, my area over here is Windermere. It's a very wealthy area so I'm just preparing to baptize Tiger Woods and Shaq, don't know if they have a jumpsuit big enough for my boy o'neal but we can make it work bahaha ;)

Anyways my comp is Elder Acevedo he is great, he has a real drive to get the work done. He's almost been out a year so he's at that point in the mission where you just want to do so much haha It's a much different kind of work over here than it was in Viera so it's kinda weird, instead of a lot of old people and gated communities we have just a huge assortment of people down here. We have A LOT of Portuguese work down here so that's dope, but what's even cooler is all the Polynesians that are down here! This Ward has a ton of Polynesians, mostly Tongans but there are some Samoans scattered about #manycalledbutfewareCHOSEN ;) it's been a lot of fun though!

There's just a lot of work here to be done and I just want to share some cool stories on how I know that each one of us is so needed. So I usually don't say how certain people are found because of myself or others because the glory truly is to God, but he does have his instruments and what I saw this week was really cool to realize, again, the personal need for us as individuals. So, it's the first couple days in the area and I do missionary very differently than the missionaries that were previously in this area. They liked tracting and all that and I love using the tools I've been giving and following the spirit on certain people to drop by and teach. So it's like my 4th day here and I was organized the area book and studied all the records by now and I saw a family I wanted to go visit. So, i was following elder Acevedo for a bit because I'm still so fresh to the area but since I had just read all the records I knew the formers. So, I said elder Acevedo I have somewhere I would like to go and he said ok, so we went to this family. As we were pulling up I said well this is it and even if their not here I know God leads us to who we need to meet, like that family right there. (Family sitting on a bench in front of the apartments). We got out and immediately went to talk with them and the the guy said are you guys Mormon? And we said yes, then he said (in some rougher English) I want to go to that church! Then we talked about it and he said but you have to promise me that if I go I can talk to the bishop. So he came to church and talked to the bishop and after his meeting I asked how he liked church and he said I liked it, with a huge smile and then said, I'm going to be a member soon! Wow don't say that to a missionary ;) so we sat down and talked with him and put him on date to be baptized on July 16th!! It was so awesome!!! I just wanted to share though how cool is the way the Lord uses us, I know that we wouldn't have found this man without me, because the missionaries were doing work a different way to find. So I knew I was needed, and there were 3 people baptized in this area before I came that I knew wouldn't have been found with me.....because they were found through tracting. The Lord needs everyone's different talents and abilities at the right times and it's amazing to see how he truly needs us. He knows us and he knows what choices we are likely to make with who we are and he LOVES helping his children through guiding his other children.

More pictures to come next week, I just couldn't connect to wifi to send them from my camera. They will be pictures of more families from Viera and my new comp!!! :)

Some more families

Exchanges with Elder Baxter

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