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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Week #96 - Hurricane Matthew

Wow it's been a crazy week!!! Guys, I experienced a hurricane!!!...kinda haha so this week has been super different because we pretty much sat in our apartment for two and a half days thanks to hurricane Matthew so that was great. So I planned a little and then we played a lot of board games and had the highest Jenga tower of all time haha like literally we were running out of moves and it was so tipsy with every touch! It was a good ol time :) I really would die if I had to stay in any longer haha stuck in an apartment for two and a half days with six guys and no electronics can get pretty boring, like we got really creative haha and it made me think of home and when I get home I cannot just sit around I will straight up go mad! I need to be busy haha I will even run some errands for people if needed because it's gonna be weird. 

Oh, but what I meant by we kinda got hit is because the hurricane was expected to come to us so we had to stay inside but then it never really came. We got some rain and wind but nothing too exciting. So after the hurricane was over on Sunday we went and helped clean up the damage of the hurricane down in Daytona Beach and New Smyrna Beach, they got hit decently hard and it was crazy to see the aftermath of a hurricane (and it wasn't even full strength over here" and how much damage there was. It uprooted huge trees and branches and some of these fell on people's homes. It tore out billboards and signs, bent metal road signs, and ripped off some people roofs like tin cans. Like, we went to a mobile home community and we were helping people out, so we would go out and knock on their doors and ask if we could help and we knocked on one door and Elder Taylor says, "Why is it so bright in there? Oh! It doesn't have a roof!" It was hilarious yet super sad! Haha hopefully that makes sense and I don't sound evil :) but it was crazy so if you have questions, ask!

Also we taught a family this week and wow they are amazing and the spirit was sooooo strong!! They are awesome and we actually street contacted the husband on our second week here and he is moving to Saratoga springs Utah!!! It blew my mind and his when we talked about where I'm from. So he texted us to set up an appointment and we went over and it was amazing and they were so so so awesome! God knows when we need something and also when we need someone because to Paul (the husband) he took it as a miracle that he met me, since he is moving to Utah and the neighboring city of my home town. He is so excited for the gospel! :)

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