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Monday, July 27, 2015

Week #33 - In The City, Talking to the homeless, & having a blast

What up everyone!!! :)

AWWW so this week has been pretty freaking awesome!! First off send me some vids, I don't know why I didn't think of this earlier but dang that would be the coolest things ever! and hey its easier than writing :D

But this week i went on exchanges with elder ashworth he is from lone peak and we knew so many of the same people so that was cool. And we did the HOMELESS PROJECT! It was so awesome, but they didn't spread us out well haha I feel like every homeless person we had talked to had already been asked about being housed.

I really really loved walking around the city, it was a ball! I forgot how much I LOVE the cities. It just felt so right and was way relaxing, there was cool tall buildings and everyone was dressed all classy because of work and there was a bunch of unique stuff, it was just a really great time.

I realized I def have to learn Portuguese out here because TANNER DAVISON JUST GOT CALLED TO BRAZIL GIVE HIM A SHOUT OUT!! :) But now my best bros are all going to speak Portuguese and I cant be the only one left out, so I guess its a good thing that they push me to be better at Spanish so I can start learning Portuguese haha I have some cool pics this week so I expect some cool vids, I really love you guys so much :) I want to say that most of the people I know are on missions right now and that's because it is the best work that we can do. So I want to give you something to think about for whoever is reading this. If you are not on a mission or thinking about serving one, why not? If you aren't getting married GET TO THE FIELD! It will change your lives forever :)

LOVE you guys :D

Snake Tamer :o

 Exchanges with Ashworth and Terry

Giant chair :)
 Service project and downtown Ft Lake Eola

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